Saturday, 9 March 2013


I've been toying with the idea of creating a blog for some time now, but was finally convinced to do so after a couple of glasses of Rioja and reflecting on a brief Facebook argument I had with someone last night who was having a go at the image for International Women's Day (See Below). 

As I started to argue with this piffling idiot, I realised I was wasting my internet data allowance on someone who would never really get it, as (in hindsight, maybe not my best putdown) I called him an "ignorant fuck" and he responded with "That's it Lois let your violent anger out. That'll solve it.". Sigh. 

Weirdly enough it's the second time in so many weeks I have been accused of being aggressive/violent by people who seem to have no understanding of the words they are using. Anger clearly isn't an attractive feature in a woman, I may cause myself a mischief. 

Harry Enfields fantastic 'Women Know Your Limits' sketch.

I dont think I need to point out (but i am of course going to) to you my wonderful reader, that 'Gender Violence' is not specific in its gender but rather united in a stand against violent attacks based on an individuals sex. A raised fist does not have to mean violence, it can mean UNITED. It can mean STOP. It can mean VICTORY.

And lastly... Maybe, just maybe... there are only women on this banner because, and stop me if this sounds far fetched, it was International WOMEN'S Day? But god forbid men feel underrepresented... 

In conclusion I wanted to say that I haven't started this blog to bitch about dweebs on Facebook, but because I see sexism every single day. Sometimes very casually from people that I love and respect.. and it makes me so angry that on occasion I can feel my blood boil. Hence the slightly ironic title of this blog. 

Rage and anger are born of passion. They are not always a bad thing. Channel it into something positive.   

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