Sunday, 25 August 2013

Choosing an outfit for a date is hard enough...

This week I am going on a date. With a boy. Although technically at 31 I think this classes him as a man. I've ventured into the world of online dating, and this will be my first date in over a year, but more importantly, my first date as a hairy lass. 

My date doesn't know about my hairiness. Of course I am of the mindset that if he has a problem with it then he's not the one for me, but my dilemma is, when do I reveal this to him? Should I march in bold as brass, vest donned, pits out and in his face (not literally, it's been a while since I've dated but I'm fairly certain headlocks are still a no go)? Or should I opt for something a bit longer in the sleeve department and if he seems as nice and genuine as his online banter suggests, then divulge it to him?

The worst part is that I even have to acknowledge this as an issue. I feel pretty body confident, I'm young with porcelain skin, perfect tits, the right balance of squidgy & toned bits and a warm welcoming smile. I never think twice about getting my pits out in front of anyone, even my current crush. It's not even a thought, they're either out or they're not, no biggie. 

What would Natalie do???

I've never had anything I felt worried about people judging me on. Because nothing is out of the ordinary and I'm now torn. For the first time in my adult life I doesn't feel confident enough to just go as I am, but I know if I purposefully choose something long sleeved, I'll feel like I've let myself and the hairy team down. Hiding my hairy pits like a dirty secret, when really I actually adore them. I'm proud of them! 

I also told him I was a keen hiker and planned on doing the three peaks later in the year. Maybe I can let him know this was a lie and slip in the hair factor whilst he's still reeling from that blow. Or maybe I'll just get drunk and snog him. 

NB: I thought I'd include this screenshot of what the usual dickwads online send me...


He wants to go south with his mouth! 

(I have left his name on incase anyone wants to take him up on the offer, although as you will note, there is a limited time period.)